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BMS interviews: “the Brazilian music has a growth potential of at least USD 500 million per year”

The next edition of the Brasil Music Summit (BMS) will take place from February 6 to 9, 2019, at Unibes Cultural, in São Paulo. The event, which has the objective of repeating the success of the first edition held in December 2017, gathers debates and business actions on synchronization, music branding, and live music focused on generating opportunities for Brazilians abroad. Several professionals from countries such as the United States and France will be in the capital of São Paulo to close business and exchange ideas with the local public. There will also be a festival open to the final public.

The event – which counts on the support of the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brasil) through the Brasil Music Exchange (BME) – comprises the initiatives of Brasil, Música & Artes (BM&A) to foster music as part of the Brazilian creative economy, an industry still with a lot of growth potential to generate more income and jobs. The project manager at BM&A, Leandro Ribeiro da Silva, explains that the idea of organizing an event in Brazil totally oriented to exports came from the observation of market data and the detection of a gap in the national agenda.

“When comparing Brazil with other nations we realize that we have a lot of growth capacity. The Netherlands, for example, is the 17th world economy and generates USD 1 billion with the music market while Brazil, which is the 9th economy, makes only USD 480 million”, he says. And he concludes by quoting other examples of countries with the same economic strength as ours: “Italy is the 8th economy and has revenues of USD 1.1 billion per year, Canada is 10th and generates USD 1.4 billion per year. With this we see that we have a growth potential of at least USD 500 million per year”.

In the interview below, made by Daniela Reis for the BMS website, Leandro gives more details about the agenda and tips for those who want to participate in the event:

Daniela Reis: Why did you decide to give international focus to the event?

Leandro Ribeiro da Silva: We noticed that there are many music events in Brazil, but no one really with the 100% focus on generating business abroad. And that has been in BM&A DNA for a long time, since we started the Brasil Music Exchange exporting project together with Apex-Brasil in 2003. Besides, we realized that many talents and music entrepreneurs still cannot participate in international fairs. So, our idea is to open up and do something here in our country, to also help those who do not have the opportunity to go outside Brazil.

Daniela: What gives the international feature to the event?

Leandro: For the 2019 edition, we plan to bring a broad delegation of international guests. In the first edition, in 2017, we already had a large group of professionals, such as Yassine Saidi, Global Senior Head of Lifestyle at Puma, Matthieu Darti, co-founder of Antemprima Prime, Marthe-Helene Heraud, music supervisor, Geoff Siegel, Founder and CEO of Fundamental Music, Joel C. High, CEO of Creative Control Entertainment and President of the Guild of Music Supervisors, Samantha Schilling, Director of Creativity at Reel Muzik Werks, Carolina Arenas, Audionetwork Director, Geoffroy de Rougé, International Development Director at Midem, and Frédéric Lagacé, Director at the Rimouski International Jazz Festival.

Now we will further intensify the profiles, including festival programming directors, bookers and labels for the live music part, and music supervisors for the part of synchronization and music branding, and we made partnerships with brands interested in this market.

Daniela: What are the major difficulties you believe exist in these markets?

Leandro: Especially the parts of sync and music branding are still very new in Brazil. That is why even the people who work with advertising have deep knowledge of their characteristics. And, this is what we want to change. We intend to increase opportunities along with the companies, and also show to music professionals that there are other possibilities within what is done today.

In the case of our approach with live music in the international market, programming directors usually love Brazilian music and are willing to bet on new talents or talents already consolidated here in Brazil, but who are not yet present abroad. However, a very big barrier is logistics costs, especially air tickets. Thus, we are already negotiating with all festival programming directors a novelty: for each band chosen, we will contribute with some funds to assist in the process of buying air tickets. With this attitude combined to the quality of our artists, we believe that we will eliminate this barrier and the festivals shall really contract.

Daniela: How is the agenda for next edition, what would you like to highlight?

Leandro: In the last edition, we received many requests to promote a day dedicated to the area of live music. So, we called an experienced associate, who also actively participates in several of our export activities, André Bourgeois of Urban Jungle, to help us with his knowledge, to help bring professionals from abroad, to talk a little about this subject, and to close deals with Brazil. Some confirmed names are: Daniel Seligman, Programming Director of the POP Montréal Festival, Etienne Ziller, Founder of 3 Pom Prod – Booking Agency, Jérôme Gaboriau, Programming Director of the Les Escales Festival, Louis Bellavance, Programming Director of the Festival d’été de Québec, Mathieu Gervais , Programming Director of the Festival Rencontres Trans Musicales, and Maurin Auxéméry, Programming Director of the Montreal International Jazz Festival, among others.

In the area of sync & branding, we continue with the partnership with Mario di Poi, from Inputsom Arte Sonora, who is the curator of this sector and also a professional who has been working hard to help professionals all over Brazil.

Recently, he has been in the United States making contacts with music directors and music supervisors who work especially with audiovisual production and advertising in Hollywood. We already confirmed the presence of professionals who participated in movie tracks like Creed 2 and Next Gen, including Jen Malone, nominated to the Emmy for her role as music supervisor of Atlanta.

Daniela: In the last edition there was an area of showcases that this year you are calling festival. How is that going to work?

Leandro: This year we wanted to increase the area of showcases and call it festival, because it is not a simple showcase – we are talking about having artists that represent the export potential of Brazilian music. Not only to give our international guests more possibility to get to know the artists, but also to offer to the people of São Paulo a unique opportunity to enjoy their favorite artists for free, as well as to meet new names in Brazilian music. We consider that we also have this mission of promoting the names of our music, especially of independent music, inside Brazil itself.

Daniela: Please, comment on enrollments and values.

Leandro: We succeeded in reaching an affordable value for credentials, mainly because of the partnership with Apex-Brasil. I believe this way will not be expensive for music professionals, and will provide the possibility for all interested people to participate. The enrollments are open on the website, with promotional value until December 16.

The advice I give is that anyone who really has an interest in participating already signs up. Besides, we give people who work only in one area, such as live music, or sync & branding, the possibility to attend only on the days we will be talking about these themes (February 6 and 7 – sync & branding, February 8 and 9 – live music).

For associates, we offer the possibility of converting the points of the annual enrollment to be used in BM&A actions, for example, in the credentials for the Brasil Music Summit. A very interesting thing from our meeting is that we also have an online area – BMS Networking, where the accredited can talk to each other, to schedule meetings for example, and thus, to enhance their business possibilities.


The Brasil Music Exchange (BME), a Brazilian music internationalization project carried out through a partnership between Brasil, Música&Artes (BM&A) and the Brazilian Trade and Investment Promotion Agency (Apex-Brasil), promotes the Brasil Music Summit.

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